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Bath time at home no fun? 



Make an appointment with our Spa at Wellness Center


Pricing for bathing and grooming varies greatly on size of pet; length of coat; matting;


add on shampoos for fleas, de-shedding, or prescription soaks; age; and breed.

All grooming includes;

ear cleaning

 anal gland expression

 nail trimming

We offer teeth cleaning at an additional charge and ask that you bring a toothbrush.

Groomers are not responsible for treating ear infections

or expressing anal glands that are impacted. 

Please notify a receptionist or ask for a groomer to go over special needs for your pet at the time of every drop off. 

We offer sedation. Sedation requires a doctor's visit if it is your pet's first time being sedated or if the pet has not seen the doctor in over a year. 

Grooming Release Form

For a quicker check in, please print out, read over, and fill out our grooming release form. Also, feel free to email us a completed copy at We will also have forms available upon check in.

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